VW Campervan Servicing, Repairs & Sales

VW Campervan Servicing, Repairs & Sales

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The most important part of owning any classic VW vehicle is to ensure that it is in sound mechanical order. We can offer regular servicing and check ups and give you advice on any aspect of your vehicle.

It is vital that you are safe on the road and feel confident driving your cherished classic and you can rest assured that our attention to detail will deliver.

Most classic vw ‘s have air cooled engines which need an oil change every 3000 miles or annually and if your vehicle is stored for long periods of time between driving, brakes will need checking and probably adjusting, ignition & timing checked too.

Electrical problems can be the most frustrating part of maintaining a classic vehicle. Whether it is a simple fuse issue or a more involved problem like a melted wire of previously poor repair, we can resolve it for you using correctly graded wire.

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Our labour rate is a very competitive £65 + VAT per hour.

A full diagnosis is booked in at £65 + VAT, if you require us to then complete the suggested work and accept our quotation, this fee will be credited from the final invoice.

Our full service costs start at £275 + VAT.

This is variable depending on age & model of VW and you will be advised of the cost beforehand.