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4/Jun/2015 About Red HatchNews

About Red Hatch Classic Campers

Welcome to our first blog and thank you for taking the time to read it! Red Hatch Classic Campers is the result of a long standing dream of Gerald’s to be master of his own destiny! A cliched term but one that holds much appeal when you are working ridiculously long hours and feel like the days are all rolled into one. Hours spent on the M4 were taking their toll and so the idea of doing something completely different and something he loved was becoming his only focus. The thought of being free to roam the country in a classic VW camper van was always the ultimate dream and it just became the obvious choice to replace a long standing career in selling prestige cars. The idea soon ran away with the both of us and six months later we are the proud owners of six beautifully and lovingly restored camper vans that you can see on our website.

Gerald decided that he wanted the vans to be the best that he could provide in order for people to enjoy the ultimate escape and live the dream. They all boast new engines and brakes to take away all the fears & disappointments of driving unreliable vintage cars.

We would like to thank everyone involved with making this dream of a VW hire company become a reality. It has been a long time in planning and we are now ready to reveal all…..

The first bus we found is a very special 1965 split screen example who we stumbled upon at uksportscars in Canterbury when looking at vans for sale. On visiting them we instead fell in love with a rather sad looking camper in the corner called Sam, and thanks to their enthusiasm for restoration projects we agreed to buy him and the rest is history!

We are very lucky to have met Billy at G’day Kombis who specialises in 70’s bays from Australia & South Africa. These buses are rust free and right hand drive. Billy has bespoke built these vans for us with the utmost attention to detail both mechanically and cosmetically. They are works of art, and even have solar energy to power that pesky mobile phone! The love and attention that Billy & his team have given to these rebuilds is unparalleled and we cannot speak more highly of him.

We managed to source our shiny red classic Danbury by chance. On visiting the dealership in Bristol out of curiosity, we were pleasantly surprised to happen upon a lovely red VW camper van that they were just getting ready for sale. After a quick spin we made the decision to add it to the team. It is a newer vehicle with loads of upgrade options that make it a great van for the longer trips.

We are based in the world heritage city of Bath, Somerset which is a great location to collect your chosen VW classic camper and to explore and escape to one or more of the many beautiful places that are drivable from here.

We are looking forward to hearing all about the adventures you will have.