Motorhome & Campervan sales & repairs

Motorhome & Campervan sales & repairs

About us

Red Hatch Classic Campers Ltd successfully operated a self drive hire fleet of classic vw camper vans for 6 years with well over 300 ’ happy campers ’ driving to numerous local landmark destinations.

Sadly this element of our business has closed and we no longer hire.

We have relaunched this year with a new website and are primarily focusing on Motorhome Sales


Gerald has an extensive knowledge of cars with a 25 year+ career within the motor industry prior to setting up Red Hatch Classic Campers Ltd, which had been a resounding success.

When the pandemic hit us I looked at how I could adapt and change the business we have worked so hard to build up and whilst it was not financially viable for us to continue the hire side of the business, the workshop has been busy and vehicle sales are consistent.

So we have rebranded and are focused on Motorhome sales.


Max is an experience mechanic and fellow VW enthusiast. He owns his own Splitty in which he has driven many miles holidaying with his family.

Before going the team some years ago, Max spent some time working on vehicle recovery which included roadside repairs on all types of vehicles. He prides himself on being able to fix pretty much any mechanical issue and be solution orientated to any problem that might present itself.